Town Clerk Services


The Town Clerk’s office is located 142 Main Street, in North Troy.

Office hours are Monday thru Thursday 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

We observe the following Holidays:
New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Within our office you can find:
Land Records
The Town Clerk is responsible for the recording and maintenance of the land records, deeds and mortgages, property transfer returns reporting property sales, maps, tax records.

Licensing of Dogs $13.00
Spayed/ Neutered Dogs $9.00

$4.00 late fee after April 1st.

Dog Registration
Dogs six months of age or older must be registered by April 1 of each year by bringing the animal’s latest rabies certificate and a spaying/neutering certificate to the Town Clerk’s Office. The cost is $9 for neutered/spayed animals; $13 for non neutered/spayed dogs. Five dollars from each license fee goes to the State of Vermont


John Coburn is the Animal Control person  (802)673-5049 for the Town of Troy

Gayten Verge is the Animal Control person (802)988-2340 for the Village of North Troy



November 5, 2020.
Interest is charged at 1% per month for first 3 months after the due date and 1.5% per month thereafter.
8% collection fee is charged after the November 5th due date.  We DO NOT accept postmarked mail.

Vermont Department of Taxes Education Tax Rates  Residential:  1.5091%  Non-Residential:  1.6028%

Notary Public Services are available at no charge.
Services are usually available during normal Business hours.

Vital Records
The price of a Certified Record is $10.00. We maintain records of Birth, Deaths, Marriage and Civil Union Licenses.

Visit for more information on Vital Record.



Voter Registration
Residents may apply to be added to the Troy Voter List. Applicants should be prepared to produce some form of identification. CLICK HERE for more information on Vermont Elections and how to register to vote. (

The annual Town Meeting is held the first Tuesday of March at the Troy Elementary School beginning at    10 am. Other elections, state and federal, are held at Troy Elementary School office usually in August or November. Check election information for date, time and place.