Zoning Permit Fee Schedule



Troy Zoning Bylaws, for both the town and the village have been in effect since 1973.  If you are going to build, set up a mobile home, subdivide property, excavate, change the use of a structure, open a business or a home occupation you must have a permit.  State law now requires that all your permits must be in order before you can sell your property and many banks will not finance unless the permits are in order.  Are your permits in order?  If you do not know, visit the Troy town clerk; all permits are on file there.

The Vermont Legislature has recently changed Chapter 117, the Vermont Municipal and Regional Planning and Development Act.  These changes have increased the complexity and administration of the permit process.  To cover the additional expenses the following permit fees will be effective on May 12, 2005.  A recording fee of $10.00 is included.

If you have any questions about the Troy Zoning requirements please feel free to call me.  I am here to help you work through the permit process.

  1. Permitted Uses that can be approved by the Zoning Administrator

Home occupation, Pond                                                                              $55.00

Accessory structures up to 12’ by 18’ or 216 sq. ft.                                       55.00

Accessory structures, over 12’ by 18’ or over 216 sq. ft.                               65.00

Single/Two family dwelling (under 2000 sq. ft.)                                              85.00

(over 2000 sq. ft. )                                                                                        110.00


  1. Conditional Uses that require a Planning or Zoning Hearing

Commercial sign                                                                                        210.00

Change of Use                                                                                           210.00

Set back variances                                                                                     210.00

Subdivisions, line adjustment or one lot into two lots                                 210.00

Plus $100.00 for each additional lot

Commercial business                                                                                   410.00

  1. Permits that include multiple items, such as a house with additional decks or a garage, would pay only one fee, which would be the highest fee.
  2. Late fees for starting a project prior to receiving an approved permit would be double the fee for that permit.
  3. Permit application forms, names and addresses of abutting land owners and Parcel I.D. numbers can be obtained by visiting the Troy town clerk. (802) 988-2663


             Robert Langlands                                                                78 Maurice Titus Road

Troy Zoning Administrative Officer                                                  North Troy VT 05859

                   673-9048                                                                             (802) 988-2625