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There’s lifted red fruits including strawberry, sour cherry and watermelon that carry over onto the palate. The soils here are uniquely red in colour and that tends to impart brighter fruit flavours and more minerality into the wine. Fortunately, there is plenty of red wine to choose from, hailing from all of the best regions of the world—California, Italy, France, Spain, and South America. ($70), Dark Horse 2018 ‘Unapologetically’ Sinful Red Blend, A red blend that’s made up of estate baco noir and mainly Niagara sourced merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. There’s blueberry, cherry and vanilla that continue to tantalize your senses. Easy drinking, very food friendly and attractively priced. Thankfully many producers carry on with Dolcetto and make lovely wines, even as some of their area colleagues have stopped working with this grape, citing labor costs in the vineyards as a reason to cease. ($36.95), Closson Chase 2018 ‘Churchside’ Pinot Noir, This 2018 edition of the Churchside pinot expresses the warmth of the vintage with a softer profile of dark fruit flavours, beetroot, mushroom and earthy notes. Great to serve along-side spicy barbecue dishes or cheese platter appetizers. Only about 3-4 barrels are made per year (about 1,200 bottles), so it’s bound to sell out fast. 5. Will satisfy the contemplative imbiber. Attractive price. Giovanni Abrigo Dolcetto di Diano di Alba “Sorì dei Crava” 2018 - Beautiful deep young garnet; attractive aromas of cranberry, mocha, black cherry and black molasses. And as with Port wine, this is something to be savoured. A challenging task since the perfect burger can be a very personal and unique creation. Top 5 Red at LCBO, BCLDB, and SAQ. The finish is slightly salty. One of Canada’s most highly praised wine brands (pre-dissolution) is back and what a vintage to make that comeback in! ($24.95), Campbell Kind Wine 2019 ‘Limestone Ridge’ Riesling, This riesling, made in conjunction with winemaker Paul Pender and Tawse Winery, is from Steven Campbell of his Campbell Kind Wines – the world’s first international range of sustainable, carbon zero wines. A true collector’s wine. Winemaker and co-owner Dan Sullivan suggested to me that “the 2017 chardonnay was our most successful wine of the vintage.” I won’t argue with that statement. 100 percent estate grown fruit made from four year old vines. The best vegan white wine. ($23), This is not Morandin’s own estate pinot gris, rather, the fruit for this wine was sourced from South Bay Vineyards within Prince Edward County. Best buy Tesco Finest Malbec Rosé Mendoza, Argentina 2019 (£8, Tesco) Catena, the producers behind this own-label wine, make some of Argentina’s best red … ), this is 55 percent gamay fruit (sourced from a neighbouring Vinemount Ridge vineyard site) and 45 percent estate pinot noir. Re-tasting it this past summer only solidified that feeling. ($24.95), A bit livelier than the riesling, this is definitely a crowd-pleaser with its easy-going flavours of exotic fruits and zesty notes. This one has all sorts of interesting aromas and flavours, zigging and zagging a bit, with obvious barrel play experimentation. Terroir junkies will want to invest in this. ($40), Le Clos Jordanne 2017 ‘Le Grand Clos’ Chardonnay, Welcome back! The result is a lighter, more friendly texture – rounded and mouth coating, a bit less edgy. ($29.95), Made with fruit sourced from the Wismer-Parke vineyard (Thomas Bachelder also sources fruit from this site), this is a ripe and concentrated pinot that exudes flavours of cherry and raspberry fruit. It’s actually a very perfumed wine and is quite delicate on the palate. There’s plum and cherry notes with a semi-sweet mid-palate that turns soft and a bit spicy on the finish. Nicely done, once again. There’s barrel spice, while other varietal characteristics of black pepper and smoke round out this young, yet already complex wine. Very well made wine, especially for the very warm 2017 vintage. There’s earth and dark cherry on the nose. Bachelder describes this wine as being a ballerina with great core strength. A bit pricey at $96 a bottle. As a result, the nose stings of petrol and citronella candle and the palate is a medley of acetone fruit, almost unsettling so. It’s spicy and minerally and backs itself up nicely with firm acids. Right now, the nose is a bit musty, presenting a fermented fruit smell that combines with mushroom and earth. Despite its value-centric price point, it’s a wine to be taken seriously. But Ontario wine can be pricey compared to similar bottles from elsewhere. This particular bottle comes with an unusual closure. With this, he’s barrel fermented and aged it for 11 months, then over its lees, as opposed to stirred, in fourth fill French oak barriques. Vergelegen Reserve Merlot 2015 Zorgvliet Richelle 2017 Flying Cloud Sovereign of the Seas 2018 Leeuwenkuil Heritage Syrah 2017 Rust en Vrede Estate 2017 Surprise bottle: Best red overall Looking back, the year 2020 wasn’t a complete write off. It is best enjoyed slightly chilled, so try refrigerating the bottle for around 20 minutes before drinking. Best mulled wine for Christmas 2020 Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Mulled Wine Fruity, rich, warming and spicy, this mulled wine has been blended … This moves away from the zippy fruitiness of Dolcetto into a much more structured wine. If you're not yet a member, you'll see an alphabetically ordered list of the vegan white wine on test. ($29.95), The name Cureman’s chardonnay – like many of the brand names within the Burning Kiln portfolio – takes its cue from the tobacco industry. It’s fruity, slightly funky, refreshing and effervescent, almost akin to a type of soda pop that you’d crave on a warm summer’s day. From entirely estate-grown chardonnay, this cuvée is assembled from three vintages (2011, ’13 and ’14). The palate is dry with intense tasting notes of citrus, vanilla and caramel. ($39.95), The fruit for this cabernet franc is sourced exclusively from Redstone’s biodynamic-practised estate vineyard. ($65), Winemaker Derek Barnett knows a thing or two about making very good chardonnay. ($50), Cloudsley Cellars 2017 ‘Wingfield Vineyard’ Chardonnay, The single vineyard chardonnays from the Wismer Wingfield Vineyard have been a particular favourite of mine ever since I first got to try one made by Thomas Bachelder a few years ago. The palate is quite round, elegant and mirrors much of the aromatics with added flavours of candied apple and brown sugar. It’s a wine that has more than done its part in solidifying this winery’s reputation as a gold standard for quality. “Since there is a slightly cooler climate, the harvest of Dolcetto grapes is around 10-12 days late compared to the Barbaresco area and 5-7 compared to the nearest Barolo area, which ensures that there is a different maturation of the tannins as well as grape acids and sugars.”. It’s smooth and soft in texture with gentle tannin structure. The addition of gamay also helps with its inviting aromas of violets and blueberry fruit. ($44.95), Bachelder 2017 Willms Vineyard Chardonnay, Believe it or not, this is Bachelder’s first chardonnay made from Niagara-on-the-Lake (Four Mile Creek sub-appellation), and from old vines planted in 1983 no doubt. ($39), A smooth tasting merlot that’s medium bodied and fresh with red fruits – including lovely flavours of raspberry, dry cherry and a very nicely oaked profile. As opposed to its white blend counterpart, this is not a very complex wine. And so, visits and tastings of many newly released wines at Tawse, Stratus, Thirty Bench and Icellars (the latter being a first-time visit) – and VineRoutes ready to launch in a matter of days – helped to set the year off to an auspicious start. This expression is quite flavourful and concentrated with present, but smooth tannin structure. Superb, I am a Chicago-based wine writer, educator and photographer, with 39 years of experience in the wine industry. ($35), Southbrook 2017 ‘Wild Ferment’ Chardonnay, An intensely flavoured expression from estate-grown fruit that shows its hand a tad too much at this point. ($59.95), This is the first fortified table wine made in Prince Edward County. A hearty wine very much made to satisfy any premium level Bordeaux fan. Fermentation did not reach dryness until the summer of 2018. This is further sourced from the western part of that block, intently focusing on the specifics of its unique terroir. Co-op Irresistible Gavi 2017. It’s one of Bachelder’s long-standing favourite vineyard sites to work with and it clearly shows. Phrases like “support local”, “curbside pick-up” and “social distancing” are permanently etched in our vocabulary – and that’s not just in reference to the Ontario wine industry. It’s soft and quite full on the palate with rich, ripened fruit flavours and a beautiful finish that lingers. There’s excellent structure here, with rich red fruits, dominated by cherry flavours that overlay an earthy, mineral finish. ($29.99), Westcott Vineyards 2016 ‘Reserve’ Pinot Noir, Stylistically, the approach to this ‘Reserve’ pinot is slightly different than the ‘Estate’ in that it’s 100 percent whole cluster, 21 day skin maceration and 15 percent of the French oak is new. Full bodied, with gripping tannins that gently coat your tongue. It’s very light in colour with a tight focus of flavours; sour cherry, strawberry-rhubarb and red currants on the forefront of the palate. The fruit is so coveted that only a select few winemakers get to access the original rows that were planted in 1984 and ‘88. Harvested from 18 year old riesling vines, aromas of peach and pear are welcoming. This is the estate’s rosé made with pinot noir and gamay. I write about wine (and sometimes food) from around the world. This gamay is just one of three single vineyard gamays currently on release, in addition to the 2018 les Villages also now available. These are the best wine advent calendars to celebrate the season. An interesting blend of 71% cabernet franc, 26% pinot noir and 3% syrah. And that’s it for the 2020 list! There’s a distinct toasty oak influence and a wet stone, mineral core. The palate is rich and vibrant with succulent cherries, bell pepper, nutmeg and subtle earth. 13. ($59.95), Right off the bat this wine seduces with enticing aromas of plum, black currants, toasted cedar, leather, fig and notes of tobacco. There’s sweeter, riper fruits consisting of peach, pear and dried apricot too. Previously this wine was part of the ‘Valegro’ series, but I’m told that the winery will soon begin to branch off from that line and will use the Stirling Gait Vineyard name where applicable. Very good QPR. Malbec was originally a cool climate varietal which gained fame amongst oenophiles when grown in the Cohors region in the southwest of France. It’s a position that mirrors the wine itself. The deep core of dark fruit, the silky-smooth texture on the palate, the earth and spice notes. This is a pleasing, typical and well made Dolcetto d’Alba as you can find - if you love Dolcetto for its freshness and appealing fruit character, this wine is not to be missed! The mouthfeel is smooth and round with a mineral core to it – typical of so many Prince Edward County wines. Enjoy over the next 3-5 years, perhaps longer. ($29.95), Situated within the Beamsville Bench, Hidden Bench is an artisanal, terroir-focused winery dedicated to crafting premium wines solely from their own certified organic estate vineyards. ($19.95), Such a fresh and vibrant wine, so palate and pocket friendly it will have you wanting to buy half a case. pinot – a site better known perhaps for its incredibly mineral chardonnay. SMART BUYS 2020 32263_Vin.Jan11_SmartBuys EN.indd 2 2019-12-06 3:23 AM. Such finesse in a bottle. Outstanding harmony, as no one element stands out. ($26.50), Adamo Estate 2015 ‘Wismer-Foxcroft’ Wild Ferment Chardonnay. Every opportunity was an encouragement, and I can’t thank the people in this industry enough for all the hard work that they’ve all put into ensuring that wine enthusiasts like me are able to visit, sample and purchase wine safely. ($27.95), A beautiful gamay from another well-kept organic site that displays aromas of cranberry, strawberry and herbs. It’s refreshingly clean and should cellar well for the next few years. It’s medium-bodied with flavours of wild strawberry, fresh pepper and fig. ($36), From estate-grown fruit comes a wild fermented chardonnay that continues along the path of Trail Estate’s experimental style and method. Enjoy tonight and over the next 3-5 years. For the past 20 years, I have been a freelancer, writing. It’s very smooth and silk-like; consumer friendly in taste, but maybe not so much in price. It’s got structure that will allow it to age throughout the latter half of this decade. ($24.95), One of Adamo’s first successes was a 2013 pinot noir made with fruit harvested from the well-respected Lowrey Vineyard in St. David’s Bench in Niagara. ($33), Closson Chase 2017 ‘Grande Cuvée’ Chardonnay, The team at Closson Chase clearly wants chardonnay enthusiasts to take note of this particular ‘Cuvée’. The wine was then aged in 33 percent new French oak for 20 months and bottled without fining or filtration. There’s a lovely raspberry purée nose to this bold and generously flavoured merlot that hails from the super vintage that was 2016. At we travel the world to ensure we can offer our clients the best red wine, along with the best red wine to be found anywhere.There are all sorts of types of red wines. The ripeness is perfect, as this is not overly fruity or lush, but quite elegant and somewhat subdued. All neutral barrels and aged for 18 months. Print Edition ... Wine Advent Calendar 2020. Easy to drink. And so, the finished product tells the story of 2018 well. But you wouldn’t notice it. Best Red at LCBO, BCLDB, and SAQ. Lovely now (especially paired with pork roast or coq au vin), this will peak in 7 or 8 years. Wherever your stance lies, the price point suggests that this is an expression worthy enough to try, especially if you haven’t experienced this particular style of pinot before. ($14.95), This is the first vintage of this very satisfying and refreshing wine and just 33 cases of it was made. ($25), This is Rosehall Run’s first rosé made entirely from estate grown pinot noir, carefully selected from single vineyard parcels. C678 Jan 11 2020 Release EN.indd 1 2019-12-11 4:27 AM. Winter was mild and dry followed by a warm and dry spring. This is a dry wine that’s bracing with vibrant acidity, yet very flavourful with mouth watering notes of strawberries and cream, ripe stone fruit and almonds. Enjoy aromas of melon, apple and pear, with a sleek acidic back bone. It’s medium to light and drinks soft. ($18.99), As is the case with their ‘Brilliant’ Sparkling, Westcott’s pinot noir rosé is among a small handful of standouts in its class year after year. “It is the most perfumed and elegant wine we make,” he says. I like the sleek bottle and labelling that’s used for this. Earthy characters along with hints of cedar and tobacco round out the experience. This uses vidal grapes, estate grown, and made in a very natural style (free of additives, no sulphites, wild yeast). A good patio sipper. ... That’s why we also compile an annual cheat-sheet showing what wine vintages are best to drink right now. Every few months, it gets a release and before too long it’s gone. The palate is round and fruit focused with a long finish, making it very approachable and food friendly. 9) Exquisite Collection Malbec – All Day, Every Day ($29). The Pitch: Higher-Quality Beef At Lower Prices. The skins were left in contact with the wine for eight months — 243 days to be exact. Best Prosecco under £20. The wine also happens to give immense energy to the ones having it. Each of these great-value wines comes with our Product Consultants’ stamp of approval. Read More: The Top 10 Best Bucket List Ideas In 2020. ($13.95), This one of two new wines that launched in August and is now sold in LCBO stores. Southbrook 2019 ‘Orange’ Vidal Skin Fermented White, I can’t seem to recall another winery in Ontario making ‘orange’ wine before Southbrook. A slight bit warm, it’s got palate pleasing flavours of wildberry fruit, vanilla and baking spice. So I am very pleased with our Redstone syrah because it’s so different than anything you’d expect to get from Ontario.” ($39.95), Icellars 2017 ‘Wismer Edgerock Vineyard’ Syrah, Ripe, jammy, dark cherry fruit, accented with blueberry and blackberry notes, some smoked meat lingers with a hint of bacon fat. Enjoy over the next 3-5 years. The Ontario Wine Awards recognize VQA varietal quality in 27 different categories and acknowledge winners in Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal levels. When it comes to opinions, we don’t hold back. Ontario Wine Snapshot: A visit to Hidden Bench and a chat with owner Harald Thiel is always memorable. The best option for most people would be to get a 40- to 50-bottle wine fridge that would fit under a kitchen counter, Slover advises. Pair with red meats like leg of lamb, rare steaks or prime rib. I have to agree with the assistant winemaker’s description when he says that this is “Jolly Rancher on the nose with a Sour Patch Kids taste.” Couldn’t have described it any better myself. Below, you’ll uncover this year’s top varietal winners across 16 categories, highlighting some of the finest Australian wines of the year. ($24.95), This single varietal petit verdot seems to be made in a style that’s going to please many. Up there, the grapes grow smaller, so the skin-to-must ratio is a little more intense, making for a beautifully structured wine. Very well-made merlot, and at a price that’s hard to beat for the quality. I was somewhat ignorant to the heights that Ontario could achieve in this varietal space. ($24.95), This chard is light on the mouthfeel with apple, pear and a slight mineral note with a bit of an acidic burst on the finish. ($17.95), Back 10 Cellars 2019 Rose Coloured Glasses. ($30), This is just the second vintage of Leaning Post’s sauvignon blanc from fruit sourced out of a couple of different spots within the Niagara Peninsula. Favourable conditions continued in May through the middle of August making it one of the driest summers on record. ($49), A combination blend of 69 percent cabernet franc and 31 percent Zweigelt that has been made using the appassimento method. It’s great to see that it’s still a valued installment for the winery’s portfolio, and at a very reasonable price point considering the wine’s stand-out quality. But one can’t deny its food friendly nature. ($44.95), Bachelder 2017 Lowrey Vineyard ‘Old Vines’ Pinot Noir, This is St. David’s Bench, otherwise known as the bench of Niagara-on-the-Lake. While expensive wine can be amazing, great wine does not have to cost a lot. There’s lovely notes of cinnamon and nutmeg on the nose and mid-palate that complement flavours of cherry, blackberry, rooibos tea and some earth. I’m not particularly a fan of the often excessive and forced concentration of flavours that tends to unfold in what should be a wine less about wine ‘making’ and more about showcasing its sense of place. Acids are neatly in check, perfectly balanced providing an intense freshness on the palate. A rather complex, food friendly and tasty wine at a very attractive price point. This range is similar to cabernet sauvignon and around the average for most reds. I’d suggest holding off on opening this for one to two years in order to let things settle a bit. On the hunt for a mulled wine with balance, depth, a pronounced fruity note and a touch of spice, Alex tried the supermarket offerings to find the best mulled wine for 2020. At this price point, I expected more depth and complexity considering its wine making attributes. Another best value wine. ($50), Cloudsley Cellars 2017 ‘Homestead Vineyard’ Pinot Noir, A real showstopper of a pinot. A fascinating wine. It’s a beautiful wine, with subtle notes of petrol, flint smoke and orange peel (I’m beginning to realize that these are the signature flavours of this specific terroir). The wine will be an extremely light red, almost pink, and full of light floral flavors like orange blossom and violet. 9 Best White And Red Wines To Gift in 2020. Check out our top five choices, including both inexpensive and luxury wine refrigerators. Glassware Virtuoso Kurt Zalto Has Quietly Released His Masterpiece Wine Glass. ($21.95), Sandbanks’ flagship wine is their baco and this will easily please baco lovers with its intense and rich blackberry fruit and chocolate notes. Let this decant and witness it get even more rich and complex. It’s a wine that will certainly age for the next 5+ years if you so choose. The winery’s objective is to give consumers a very terroir-expressive wine. Over the years, Dan Sullivan has made varietal wines under the radar in very small quantities to test the potential for growing various varieties. So, I was very curious about Cloudsley’s take on this fruit and found it to be just as terroir expressive as I expected it to be. ($29.95), Made of 55 percent riesling and 45 percent vidal grapes, it’s fresh and effervescent with palate flavours of ripened orchard fruits. ($25), The winery is really betting on the success and current popularity of skin contact wines (or orange wines) and their price point reflects their bold and daring stance. The wine is produced in both white and red and it tastes superb containing the freshness of the citrus fruits. It’s a versatile wine that’s elegant enough to drink on its own or to pair with appetizers at any social gathering. Apples, peach, tangerine, apricot and lime zest are balanced by that hallmark acidity. ($35), This is a blend of pinot noir fruit grown in Keint-he’s four estate vineyards. The nose is ripe with red currants, plums and cherry cola. This is single vineyard pinot in all its glory. Rich and complex, Tintern will indeed be one to follow. The Cru X chardonnay leads with a mineral saltiness and broadens to include flavours of exotic fruit. ($23.99), Dark Horse 2019 ‘Unapologetically’ Brilliant Rosé, From the winery’s ‘Unapologetically’ label – a more consumer-friendly collection that’s made up of a selection of whites, reds and this rosé.

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