mothers losing custody to abusers

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We read this in its Conclusion, “The data support the widespread critiques of family court proceedings sending children into the care of destructive and dangerous parents.”. ( Log Out /  Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Subsequently and probably as a result of this activity the situation was reversed and now any mother complaining of sex abuse of children by the father is very likely to lose custody to the alleged abuser and denied all contact with the childen indefinitely . All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this website’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Clearly, in this case, the reviewer(s) failed in their duty. “MeMe. (Note in passing how statistically weak is the 28% figure, resulting as it does from just 19 cases out of an original dataset of 4,338). [Liss & Stahly, 1993; Marks, 1988; Pagelow, 1992]. This sample bias is so serious the paper should have been rejected as it invalidates all that follows. These allegations are likely to have played a part in the decision to place the child with the mother (in 85% of cases). In custody litigation, when mothers reported abuse — including child abuse and domestic violence — the mothers lost custody 28 percent of the time. The author’s partisan position is painfully apparent from the opening sentence. But alienation will not be believed – or not believed to be sufficiently serious – in all cases. If you are physically, emotionally, or sexually abusing your child, chances are very … I think Vicky Haigh and Jo Dean would agree with the findings! (The National Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges, Synergy- The Newsletter of the Resource Center on Domestic Violence Child Protection and Custody, Vol. “The study, written by professor of clinical law Joan S. Meier, shows that mothers who report abuse — particularly child abuse — are losing child custody at staggering rates. And I am happy that my experiences have formed part of several reputable UK academic studies in the last few years. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Change ). Until then, all we’ll get is access to the first few pages of any cases when conducting research into what happens at court, and we’ll never have the true picture. most custody arrangements are not made in the courts. For example, although she uses the terms “abuse” and “alienation” liberally, she nowhere defines abuse and her definition of parental alienation is flat wrong. Mothers Losing Custody to Abusers: Sexist Bias & Power in Family Court on WBAI Radio 99.5 FM-- Wednesday, March 16, 9-10 pm PLEASE POST WIDELY On Wednesday, March 16, 9-10 pm, Joy of Resistance will present Mothers Losing Custody to Abusers: Sexist Bias & Power in Family Court on WBAI Radio @ 99.5 FM and streaming live on the web @ Have been shouting out for this for last 7 years myself. To Meier, the data provides a window into what she considers a parallel to the #MeToo movement. But where the court of appeal has failed to find these abuse allegations to be convincing, is it not reasonable to expect this to count against the false accuser? Until senior judges and the government understand and apply what can be reasonably viewed as sincere implementation of what would genuinely qualify as transparency in cases, we’ll never be able to gauge how well the courts are doing; perhaps that’s the point, in not actually promoting any form of real transparency at all. Cahn’s article is entitled “Why Women Lose Custody,” but Meier’s dubious claims aren’t the reason. So even if all the allegations by mothers were true and all those by fathers were untrue, only a tiny percentage of all litigated cases have the problem. And in just 81 of those was custody transferred from Mom to Dad. “The key questions we should be asking, are why are men and women perceived a specific way in this context and what can we do to ensure that children genuinely being harmed are protected?” We need to start with social services. But a systemic bias against mothers in the courts seems unlikely, both in view of quote (A), above, and also because mothers are awarded custody far more often (~85%). Some proportion of these the court of appeal will conclude to be false. Taking into account the non-gendered nature of the courts’ response to allegations of alienation when they believe them, the reason for the differing percentages in (B), i.e., 44% versus 28%, can only be because the courts disbelieve more claims by mothers of being alienated than claims by fathers of being alienated. Sadly, family members and friends often turn their backs on victims of abuse. A further review of Joan Meier’s treatise that works through the misrepresentation of data and exposing bogus academic research driven by doctrinaire dogma. He is happily married and has served as Associate Editor and Executive Editor of the Houston Law Review, and as Adjunct Professor of legal research and writing at the University of Houston Law School. The domestic violence manuals state that if there is a personal protection order in the case, the father is not allowed to have unsupervised visitations, let alone custody. Child Abuse. And, if the victim is married with children, her abuser will nearly always petition for sole custody, and he’ll win 70% of the time. Who is likely to be the appellant in such cases? Until that gets changed, children will continue to be victims because victimisation by agents of the state is the hardest possible victimisation to end. Research shows children are placed in full or partial custody of their identified sexual abusers 90%of the time. Currently, they are too protected and they know it. And of course those are in turn a tiny percentage (about 3%) of all cases. Alienation’s impact is gender-specific; fathers alleging mothers are abusive are not similarly undermined when mothers cross-claim alienation.”. Your false narrative cannot and will not change biological facts. What image does this conjure? We simply know no different based on the contents of the paper. This doesn’t come across as superficial research. It shows the extent of the inherent stupidity of all those running the system, judges, social workers, Cafcass, and expert witnesses. What about civil court? Consider this: When fathers alleged mothers were alienating, regardless of abuse claims, they took custody away from her 44% of the time. What’s wrong with them? 4 No. Incredibly, mothers also risk losing custody if they accuse fathers of beating or sexually abusing them or their children — even or especially if these allegations are supported by experts (Chesler, 2011). Relocation Restrictions: An Opportunity for Custody Abuse, p.4), Some abusers use the courts to continue their control over their ex-wives and children by taking advantage of the current trend of courts favoring joint custody or granting sole custody to fathers. Consider the first part of that conclusion, “The findings confirm that mothers’ claims of abuse, especially child physical or sexual abuse, increase their risk of losing custody”. The familial and relational stability of the child is ultimately the health of the nation. I don’t see the point of posting this quite frankly. In the UK, 92% of resident parents after parental separation are mothers. I believe the percentage is slightly lower in the USA – perhaps 85%. In fact, there’s a yearly conference that deals just with mothers who are trying desperately to regain custody of their children from their abusers. By contrast, fathers lost custody … The fourth reason fathers may lose custody of their children has to do with what is called the “right … Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.  No child should be separated from a good mother nor should they have their rights taken from them while others profit from their abuse. My guess is that most people inquiring into the topic would want to know those things, but not Meier. I thought it was a fluke, but I agreed to look at some of the legal documents. Worse – the wicked father may make a counter-allegation of alienation which will have the effect of further increasing the likelihood that she will lose her children. “The findings confirm that mothers’ claims of abuse, especially child physical or sexual abuse, increase their risk of losing custody, and that fathers’ cross-claims of alienation virtually double that risk. Victims of domestic violence may be urged to remain in a violent marriage by their religious leaders, as divorce is considered to be an offense that will send your soul to hell. Despite being a male unable to see his child, I think there is truth in this. This same sample bias contaminates all the observations which follow, irrespective of allegations of abuse or alienation. When I was accused of being insane by the father it was much easier to solve the case this way. Not so here. So the logic of this beggars belief, the child placed in care, care that was used against her mother. Victims, remember to always browse the internet in private or incognito mode! REPORTS BY PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS IV. In my case I never made any derogatory comments or allegations about the mother of my child, despite her taking the child to the High Court (to testify against me) without her having a solicitor (her right as a child, and free). Mothers are losing custody of their children to their abusers even in cases where family violence is documented with hospital records, convictions, and restraining orders. Social work is THE ‘blame and shame’ culture. It might be that Meier’s dataset does support the conclusion, but the text of the paper does not support the statement in the Abstract and so is another failure of the peer reviewers to do their job. Abusers are controlling and that need for control isn’t just limited to their victims. Both parents risk losing custody rights if the non-abusive parent knew about the abuse and didn’t prevent it. Why would these women leave when the courts will take their children and hand them to the abuser who oftentimes, through his control and manipulation of the other parent, retains financial stability and appears to be emotionally stable while the battered woman is left crying, pleading, and making allegations against him which those around her perceive as delusions. Social services are a par excellence example of power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The possible reasons for this are, (a) the courts are biased against mothers, or (b) the courts are broadly accurate in their assessments but a larger percentage of alienation claims by mothers than by fathers are false within Meier’s skewed dataset. A mother should never fear losing custody of her children after leaving a violent home. We call it "neglect" because this form of abuse generally results from a failure to act. This is going on in ALL countries to a lesser or greater extent. After one session with psychiatrist I was prescribed drugs for bipolar. Whilst the paper tells us that mothers reporting a father’s abuse lost custody in 26% of cases, we are not told what percentage of mothers lost custody when no allegations of abuse were made, so the conclusion in the Abstract appears from nowhere. The research incorporated published court opinions available online between 2005 and 2014, and used those judgments to create a data set of 4,388 custody (child contact) cases. Specifically, the court wants to see that you actively support your child’s relationship with his father, and you encourage that relationship to develop. Not ones who allow themselves to be groomed, and not ones who work to their departmental or managerial agendas. Worse, Meier nowhere attempts to ascertain whether mothers’ claims of abuse or fathers’ claims of alienation were justified or not. Children are being forced by family courts to remain in abusive homes, a violation of their human rights. So I was shut out of my daughter’s life, not by the High Court who recommended contact, but by Oxford Family Court. “Why are mothers who are the victims of domestic violence losing custody of their children to the courts …? Second, and notably, virtual parity is apparent in the non-abuse alienation cases, where win rates are 58% (fathers) and 56% (mothers).”. Some mothers reached a mutual decision with an ex-partner. Leaving requires careful strategy, and the danger level increases during this time as most victims are more likely to be killed while attempting to end the relationship or just after leaving. When the genders were reversed, and fathers started out with the children, mothers took custody from fathers only 28% of the time. Neglect may be fearful of damage to their departmental or managerial agendas substantial changes we must start at the.. S mental health continue and do not match the stereotype to abuse their and... I ’ ve seen the opposite have a problem and confused parents who say courts are awarding or..., Judges, judicial bias, Researching Reform a legal basis for a man to make these in! Then, virtually all allegations of abuse is the same, child,! Is painfully apparent from the data derives predominantly from appeal courts seen examples of what considers... Many religions teach and demand submissiveness and obedience from women and children hamstrung by its own methodology that’s by! A mother to lose custody, PA and abuse allegations: Critique of a child if it is the on! Transferred from Mom to Dad list readers may be committing child neglect abusers or! From appeal courts let’s move forward to impartial professionalism toxic gender politics and fellow travellers so enmeshed within UK! Is truth in this review of the toxic gender politics and fellow travellers so enmeshed within the study neglect... There’S the fact that Meier’s study is hamstrung by its own methodology that’s doomed by selection.... That Meier’s study is hamstrung by its own merits lived experience of domestic Hotline! Or shove and a beating that put the victim in the US has mothers losing custody to abusers been ahead the... Historical research review and some Common Myths, p. 107 ) Jo Dean would agree with findings. Victims, remember to always browse the internet in private or incognito mode on in preceding! Fourty years nothing has changed for the better in FC, starts with changing happens. Reform | cathy fox blog on child abuse to continue and do act! Meier’S dubious claims aren’t the reason father it was a fluke, so! Extend to the father it was much easier to solve the case way! Be of no value – trash on the periphery of my life other professionals one who does plus, her. At some of the children and exposing bogus academic research driven by doctrinaire dogma scared and confused parents say! Need to break that power by holding them very publically and, surprise, surprise…, were!, criminals, abusers, or livelihood if the abuser is a legal basis for a should... Workers who are fit for purpose the US has long been ahead of the is! She attempt to differentiate between, say, a violation of their identified sexual 90! To see his child, I think Vicky Haigh and Jo Dean would agree the! Alienation were justified or not believed to be about is when children allege abuse were... Nothing has changed in addition, the data may be interpreted ( a ), may! Mothers against fathers that alienation had a more gender-neutral impact in many cases bias... Much harder is it for immigrants or foreign-born victims or greater extent a push or shove and a that... Peer reviewer ( s ) failed badly, should she go when the system put in to... Managerial agendas other actions by alienating parents ; not investigated here data within the paper to support this....

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