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Discover (and save!) log out | edit SideBar. Boeing Rudder Pedals. Price Is Subject To Change. I was reading about them and to drop altitude fast it said you drop one wing and then the other. This Ercoupe has just 1,710 hours since new! Its control wheel looked a lot like the steering wheel in your Ford. Aircraft was being prepared for annual inspection when I suffered an accident on October 12, 2018. post; account; favorites. I didn't know that some had pedals but I guess they made them both ways They sold more without pedals even though it was an option. I don't care for the R-912 that much, but the light weigh and low fuel burn would be nice in a kit Ercoupe. I recall strugglingone day for two hours to get it … But your argument really falls apart when you begin quoting accident statistics on a DIFFERENT airplane, an airplane that weighs 3 times as much, has retractable landing gear, two engines, seats six, and adjustable props. Lacking rudder pedals, the ERcoupe was flown using only the control wheel. 1946 ercoupe 415C with rudder pedals, C-75 engine with only 49 SMOH aircraft total time is 1689, last annual was 2004, flew in on a ferry permit last year, needs one small spot of corrosion on the trailing edge of wing walk on both sides, about the size of a quarter, Univair has parts. Has been hangered most of its life and currently hangered at RQB. You won‘t be disappointed with this Ercoupe. $450.00 + $40.00 shipping . Last annual February 2020 . $245.00 + shipping . wings are fabric and where recovered in 97 and look new on inside. The Ercoupe's hinged cowl (above) opens wide to allow access to the Continental 85-horsepower engine. And although the Ercoupe had rudders, it had no rudder pedals. The twin tails put the rudders outside the twisting propwash, designing out some, but not all, of the left-turning tendency in a climb. The cockpit floor has but one pedal, for the brakes, helping with legroom for tall pilots. Heads will turn in amazement when folks see you with this airplane. When hooked to the ailerons, you can't lower a wing in a crosswind. Jay Honeck, Sep 20, 2010 #14. ntbjounin Pre-takeoff checklist. Condition is Used. For a kit Ercoupe, it should have rudder pedals with the nose wheel hooked to he rudder pedals and not the ailerons. 1946 ERCOUPE 41 SC Classic Ercoupe with excellent paint job. Lacking rudder pedals, the Ercoupe was flown using only the control wheel. Includes Tig Welded Steel Tube Ercoupe Rudder Pedal Assembly as shown in photos. the rudder was connected to the yoke and yaw correction was automatic - it had no rudder pedals. When you fly your ERCOUPE your hand on the wheel is enough. There is NO comparison to an Ercoupe which apparently … That Ercoupe, a small under-powered two-seater, was hardly ahigh-performance machine. Good paint and interior . The stock 'Coupe, with interconnected rudders/ailerons, can handle more crosswind than you will EVER feel comfortable flying in. I designed this brake pedal modification for my 415-C Ercoupe with after-market rudder pedals, but it will work as the original pedal does, by reversing the heel pad. Early model 415-C Ercoupes came with no rudder pedals, just a single brake pedal. Straight and Rust Free, These will clean up nicely with a quick sand or Scotchbrite and a fresh coat of paint! If you like the Ercoupe, go for it. It has been royally treated and, as you can see, it is truly a "9" or better in and out. It‘s owner is parting with it to make room for a larger airplane. Rudder pedals . favorite. i've flown … All A/C Subject to Prior Sale or Removal from Market. All ADS complied with and no issues found. Airframe free of corrosion. Flying an Ercoupe can be counterintuitive for the uninitiated. Oversize cargo. Metal wings, no rudder pedals, new windshield, New Slick mags, new brake reservoir kit installed, MX11 radio, KT76 xpndr, intercom system, Garmin 196 GPS, Aircraft regularly flown so … It had no rudder pedals. For sale is 1959 Ercoupe Forney F-1. Douglas Aircraft DC-3 C-47 Selector Dial and Handle Assembly P/N 5023172-46 . Some of the Ercoupe's (415-C and 415-CD models) are for sale as LSA (light sport aircraft) as they meet the FAA requirements to be flown by sport pilots. The airplane was often used in therapy for wounded war veterans and disabled Americans. Guess with the rudder pedals you can crab this one. J. T. Smith, e-mail, 17.02.2010 02:01. Dubbed the Model 415, the low-wing two-seater was produced … See more ideas about aircraft, airplane, general aviation. Gorgeous Ercoupe for sale, make an offer, no lowballs, I know what I have It's a terrific system. No other cables, pulleys, brackets or instructions are included. It made its first flight in October 1937 at College Park Airport and was soon renamed the “Ercoupe”. $450.00. The idea to this collection of articles was born when Al made a detailed description of the replacement of a bottom skin on the Ercoupers tech list. Manufactured by the Engineering and Research Company (ERCO) the ERcoupe 415-C went on sale in 1940. Who needs rudder pedals? I didn't care to have to have a slight right bank during climb, like Frank Regan above is addressing the yaw control. I have an old book here and it lists different types of accidents. Prevention of stalls was accomplished by blocking elevator travel before stall angle was achieved. Glasair Pair Of Rudder Pedals Right and Left. Cleveland wheels and brakes. The control wheel controlled the pitch and the steering of the aircraft, both on the ground and in the air, simplifying control and coordinated turning and eliminating the need for rudder pedals. 1946 Ercoupe 415C LSA, 2392TT, 1480 SMOH, Continental 0200 100hp, long range tanks, rudder pedals, 760D com, Day VFR . This attaches directly to the master cylinder, using your original hardware. 5 gallon and 55 gallon sizes will only be shipped via Motor Freight; smaller sizes can be shipped via either UPS Ground Hazmat or Motor Freight (shipping method will depend on the size of your order). try the craigslist app » Android iOS CL. The dash a was redone and powder coated a few years ago as was a leather seat. Below is an advertisement from 1946 in Skyways magazine: When you drive a car, you have to coordinate footwork and handwork. All Specifications and … All cylinders 70/80 or above at last annual inspection dated Dec.2020. This attaches directly to the master cylinder, using your original hardware. Fred Weick designed the Ercoupe as the the ERCO 310, which included a fully cowled engine. No real Ercoupe has RUDDER PEDALS! Vintage Pilot Seat. I have seen videos of them landing in 25kt direct crosswinds with little fuss. Give him a call, … Ercoupe 415-52390-A Rudder Pedals. Lacking rudder pedals, the “Ercoupe” was flown entirely using only a control wheel: a two-control system linked the rudder and aileron systems, which controlled yaw and roll, with the steerable nose wheel. The steerable nose wheel was connected directly to the yoke - you taxied exactly like you drive your car. hide. Shipping Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Products classified as Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) cannot be shipped outside the contiguous United States (lower 48 states). Very stable in the air and easy to get in and out of. The airplane still needs right wheel during a climb. Auto Gas STC. Opens image gallery. In the late 1930s, the Ercoupe was designed as a stall-proof, spin-proof airplane that had no rudder pedals. ERCOUPE 415C • $24,000 • FOR SALE • 2075 hrs on airframe, 725 hrs on Continental C-85-12 engine. The Ercoupe, with its distinctive twin-tail design, was originally provided with "coordinated controls", i.e. First there’s the taxi, which means you make turns using the control yoke, like a car—an intentional design element meant to ease the learning curve from car to Ercoupe. Like most Ercoupes flying today, this Ercoupe has had its stock, floor-mounted brake pedal assembly replaced with rudder pedals, so braking is via a panel-mounted brake control T-handle (top right). A two-control system linked the rudder and aileron systems, which controlled yaw and roll, with the steerable nosewheel. The plane has been stored in hanger throughout our ownership … las vegas > for sale > aviation - by owner. 1946 Ercoupe 415C Light Sport. Airframe TT-893.94 Engine C85 TSMOH-32.5 Aircraft is in original configuration (no rudder pedals) Condition of aircraft very good inside and out. The unusual landing gear and rudder pedal-less config allows them to land crabbed in very strong crosswinds. 1400LBS Maximum Gross Weight. New fabric wings. I taught one of my students to fly his rudder pedal-less Ercoupe back in the early 70's. $17.50 + $4.25 shipping . Picture Information. I came up with the idea because I wasn't happy with the parking brake cable as the only brake. CLICK TO A LINK TO THE LOG BOOKS. Ercoupe 415-52390-A Rudder Pedals. spars and center are clean. reply . Custom Rudder Pedals. Not LSA Compliant. A really fun airplane to fly. hidden. Its little 75 horsepower Continental engine,fitted with a longer-than-standard fixed-pitch cruisepropeller made it mighty sluggish on climb-out. :wink2: Believe me, it is not needed. Free shipping . AP/IA owned. You can fly them on a paved runway or on a grass strip. I always thought that the Ercoupe was a pretty decent piece of engineering. I am no longer able to get in the aircraft, fly it, or work on it ,therefore it is now available for sale. 1946 Ercoupe for sale in good condition! With or without the limited up elevator, take your choice. The plane is a desirable model with no rudder pedals, fully aluminum skin, double nose fork, and C-90 engine. pmwiki-2.2.117 Welcome to the Ercoupers repair pages. CL las vegas > aviation - by owner... prev next reply favorite. Light sport. I designed this brake pedal modification for my 415-C Ercoupe with after-market rudder pedals, but it will work as the original pedal does, by reversing the heel pad. Original Coupe with fabric wings and no rudder pedals. Apr 5, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Steve DeBrosse. Typically low gross, but spin-proof (if rigged correctly) and honest-flying airplanes. Due to the plane's lack of pedals, the Ercoupe could even be flown by those who did not have use of their legs. An interconnection between the ailerons and limited-travel rudders made flying the Ercoupe as easy as steering a car. Joined: Apr 20, 2008 Messages: 439 Location: Dallas Display Name: Display name: Jounin. The plane features all the conventional 6 pack instruments with a Narco com radio and King nav radios. (My buddy wants to sell it) 415 C LSA C85 Total time is 1888, NDH, Slick Mags Dual fork Nose. Vernon Gregory Ercoupe Parts; Univair Catalogue; Factory Drawings * Ercoupe on Wikipedia. 1946 Ercoupe 415: This is truly a superb one-of-a-kind classic! your own Pins on Pinterest Q & A to rudder pedals: Q:A friend is considering buying a coupe, 415-C that has the rudder pedal conversion which he would want to remove.Is that difficult ? The Ercoupe did not need rudder pedals, did not stall in the real sense, it was not an idiot proof airplane.. $650.00 0 bids + $80.00 shipping . Feb 20, 2017 - Explore Flyboy Toys's board "Ercoupe Airplane / Aircraft", followed by 21006 people on Pinterest. Ercoupe Parts. A two-control system linked the rudder and aileron systems, which controlled yaw and roll, with the steerable nose wheel. I came up with this idea because I wasn't happy with the parking brake cable as the only brake.

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