gulf ryegrass for deer

Ryegrass, both annual and perennial is very hardy and can rapidly spread into areas where you do not want it. Ryegrass is very compatable with clovers and other legumes. Some are more cold tolerant than others. It offers high quality forage, and can be utilized for hay or silage cuttings in addition to grazing. PHONE ORDERS: Uses: Used primarily as a forage crop in Texas and a seed crop in Oregon. Adaptation | Usage | Phone Business hours - Mon-Fri. 9-5 EST ONLY - Contact via The high production capacity of this grass makes it popular for additional feed, | Weeds, HAVE Annual Ryegrass is often used as a stand alone crop or in a wildlife food plot seed mixture. To plant rye grass, start in the late summer or early fall by finding a spot with soil that’s 4-6 inches deep. I let the cattle graze the ryegrass about once a week for a couple hours at a time just to nip the tops to make the roots tiller. However, tetraploid ryegrass offers an easy growing high protein and highly palatable option for deer food plotting in the southeast. Online At,

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