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Hence you can expect to spend about 4 hours a week total working out. And I ONLY recommend it to people that are self motivators that will follow through, otherwise you're just wasting your money and time. It’s a great combo! This was an awesome workout! (I probably will become a coach when I reach the results I want to be able to prove that this program got me there). Although Beachbody are phasing out DVDs, you can still purchase this particular program on DVD, so … I'm on my 3rd round of body beast and I'm still continuing to gain the size I want. With P90X, there is a need for various pieces of equipment, such as a chin up bar and weights. Any advice you can pass my way is greatly appreciated. An intensity week consists of three resistance training days, three core/cardio/yoga days, plus one rest or stretch day. I am a "hard gainer" and the 2 body parts I wish to change the most are my thin arms (R 13", L 12 7/8") and my waaaaaay skinny calves (R13 3/8". Unlike many programs, this one offers two separate schedules for people looking to get bulky and people looking to get lean. Lots of straight sets and drop sets. I have all the equipment I need for this program that I bought little by little as I was finishing P90X. You can expect a weekly time commitment of 7 hours or more. I personally swap out the cardio and ab routines with Core de Force, Hammer and Chisel or P90x versions. Each exercise is to be done for 30 seconds to a minute. Either way, the verdict on this one is clear. The workouts will have to be tailored toward the demands of the sport, and as an inflexible structured program, P90X cannot do so. Lately I have been weaning off processed foods and eating more quality real foods. P90X workouts have a longer warmup and cool down compared to P90X3. If you have any questions about P90X vs. Les Mills PUMP, contact me at Was looking through the web for some reviews on BODY BEAST VS P90X and your article was of great help. You know what would sound great a body beast p90x hybrid. The Master’s Hammer and Chisel: You need 30 to 40 minutes of workout everyday to get the perfectly sculpted body in 60 days. I recently completed the Les Mills Combat:Combat 60 Live – Ultimate Warrior’s Workout. So then, let’s move on to the 11 main differences between athlean x vs p90x. I'll also supplement, as you suggested with P90X yoga, which I love, so i can stay flexible for my upcoming baseball season, Great Article Coach Todd, I have started p90x2, but i have been lifting heavy for a few years now, my endurance has always been a problem, but I am getting better, I am going to be a senior next year and I have a chance at College footballball, Im wondering if I should Lift, run track, and p90x2, or take out track. Some routines run longer; Yoga X runs 90 minutes while Cardio X runs under 45 minutes. Answer: P90X or Power 90 Extreme stands for the number of days the workout and nutrition program is supposed to get you slim. Great article Todd...I plan on eventually trying Body Beast, but right now I'm more interested in getting down to my ideal BF% before bulking up. While neither program is strength programs, Body Beast will give you more strength increases compared to P90X. P90X requires equipment whereas Insanity is just using your body weight. Then P90X is not what you are looking for! I've also heard great things about Body Beast. In Body Beast, you will find a combination of pyramid sets, reverse pyramid sets, drop sets, forced sets, and sets with varying tempos. Body Beast is as much as 3 TIMES CHEAPER THAN P90X. I only wish a program like this was available when I was younger. As such, you should not be surprised that if after following this program, you may be one of those people who turns out to be ‘not as strong as he looks’. My goal isn't to lose significant weight--but rather get the lean, toned, defined look. RELATED: 13 DIFFERENCES BETWEEN P90X VS BODY BEAST AND WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW . I looked into P90X but the time committment is what's holding me back. This is backed up by the research of elite weightlifters and powerlifters. — I going to stick this in … They are: 1. I personally came from the gym where I did super heavy lifting and thats all I knew for a good 3 years. If you are an average person who dedicates yourself fully to the P90X program, you will see results. When I discovered Body Beast I realized that this what the program I had been looking for. A favorite workout of many users. I agree entirely! I am after the most efficient results also when it comes to workout equipment and motiving atmosphere. Going to chill a tad over crimbo.... Total body workouts and more cardio, but can't wait to start second round in new year. Body Beast: No information. P90X though, includes a 6th day of yoga. In P90X®, the … Here is where I draw the line in the sand that separates these two programs…First though, can you lose weight with BODY BEAST – Yes! Insanity vs P90x vs Body Beast. I like to see results that show up on the court, the field, and still looked ripped doin it! Launched in 2012, Body Beast is another product of Team Beachbody (the same company behind P90X and a host of other fitness programs). Like many bodybuilding programs, a lot of focus is given to isolation exercises. My aesthetic goal would be more of a good, lean "wannabe" body builder result with a body fat percentage just low enough to reveal a nice ab set. Nevertheless, let’s compare and contrast these programs from several different angles and see which one comes out on top. The main differences in equipment is that you MUST have dumbbells, bands will not work as a substitute. Let’s start with the price. That means that over a 90 day period this person will: How can anyone do that and NOT get results? While P90X’s website claims that muscle confusion is backed up by science, it curiously links to no research whatsoever. Body Beast vs P90X – Which is Better? Two-time Mr. Israel trainer Sagi Kalev leads this 90-day bodybuilding routine. This one is slightly longer though at about 40 minutes. This is doubly true if you use a barbell and heavier weights for the program. They offer three options: P90X Base, P90X Deluxe, and P90X Ultimate. I’ll give you my best P90X Review and Body Beast Review and let you decide which program you think will best help you accomplish your goals. That said, when comparing these two programs, we would have to give the edge to Body Beast. I would be lying if I said one was better than the other. Hence, a big part of your physical transformation with any of these programs would be your diet. body revolution vs p90x A lot of people assume they can eat whatever they want once they attempt to gain muscle, but that […], […] is to keep maintaining a healthy diet even whenever you’re attempting to placed on muscle. You can also review our Editorial Integrity Policy. I must say that completing P90X helped me get in shape to do body beast. BODY BEAST Review – A Full, No BS Look At Beachbody’s Mass Gaining Workout. I did Insanity which shocked my body and got me excited to workout and am now doing Body Beast. Every single workout and individual set and rep is focused on increasing the size of your muscles and increasing your strength. As the saying goes, ‘Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym’. What could be more motivating that that? The reason that many people buy at home workout programs is convenience. On the other hand, if you dont have a lot of fat to lose and are really looking to add some size while cutting some fat in the process, then BODY BEAST is absolutely perfect for you! I started off my fitness journey by starting with insanity. The great thing about beach body, there is a program for everyone. ;) Or will perhaps an athletic program get me some of the bulk I am looking for? These blocks are known as Build, Bulk, and Beast, lasting 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 3 weeks, respectively. i am 5'8'' 165lb Asian and apparently according to asian bmi, i am over-weight and i need to lose about 5-7lbs and i am on 3rd month round 1 week 3 bulk, but now i realized that i need to lose weight, so i want to do lean + cardio EVERYDAY 30 min except leg day and instead of beast cardio, i will just do regular cardio (running) b/c BB cardio SUCKS lol, Nice article Todd. Just count on doing multiple rounds of this program to reach your goals and there is nothing wrong with that. P90x vs Insanity vs Body Beast–My experience using all three. I am going to have to say that if you have 20lbs or more of fat to lose, then you are going to want to complete a program like P90X first before diving into BODY BEAST.

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